Wrist Watch Poker Marked Cards Reader

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  • Brands Name:- Sunrise Techvision Home Products
  • Model Number:- XF-01016
  • Product Code:- MCS-005
  • Contact:- +91-9540045644
  • Email Id:- sunrisetechpvt@gmail.com
  • Cash on Delievery:- Available
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Card games are the most played games all over the world. Many people play it for time pass and many people play this game for gambling and winning lots of money.

For those who like to gamble in card games we have come up with the wristwatch poker cards reader which not only scans the pack of cards but also tells the results of the games like maang patta, cut patta, teen patti, andar bahar, rummy, texas, Omaha and many more.

Wristwatch cheating cards device is customized with a mini size camera which scans the entire pack of cards and sends the cards information to the user in less than a second. It works on the removable batteries which user easily can change.

Just like any other cheating device wristwatch marked cards reader in used with cheating cards poker analyzers of different types. Always try to keep the analyzer and this remote camera device to prevent any chances of connection failure.

Product Information:

Camera: 1
Scanning Distance: About 50cm
Scanning Width: About 10cm
Battery life: 2 hours
Application: Poker Games

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