Magic Invisible Ink Perspective Invisible Playing Cards Contact Lenses

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  • Model Number:- XF-0100
  • Product Code:- MCL-012
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Get exact details of number and suit of the cards of the opponents using the magic invisible cards contact lenses. HR Tash Company is dealing in invisible ink playing cards contact lenses for more than 10 years. We are always the first one to launch any magic playing cards contact lenses from our establishment to till date.

User can easily track the secret markings printed with the invisible ink and luminous printing technology. Before being passed on for the customers magic playing cards lenses undergo a series of quality control check. We always ensure that the customers get the best quality perspective contact lenses.

When you put this lens with a normal lens it looks exactly the same but the difference comes when the user wears it. It helps in immediately detecting the markings on the cards. User can wear these lenses for several hours without any complications.

How to use magic invisible ink cards contact lenses:

1. Wash and clean off your hands properly
2. Mix the contact lens in the contact lens solution
3. Take out the lenses using the finger tips
4. Safely put on these lenses on your eyes
5. Immediately start detecting the cards

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