Crystal Square Ashtray Camera for Scanning Poker Invisible Marks

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  • Product Code:- MCS-006
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Ashtray is one of the most common objects on a card table as most of the card players like to smoke and play at the same time. Crystal square ashtray poker scanning camera device is the most used cheating ashtray on a card table to know the results of the card games. It is made of the high quality silicon material. It is completely transparent and smooth. It is very elegantly and fashionably designed by our professionals.

Features of Crystal Ashtray Poker Cheating Device:

A. Undetectable to the targets eyes
B. High power batteries for good battery backup
C. It comes with the starting scanning range of 20-35cm which can be upgraded to higher terms with the customization of the lens.

This invisible marked cards ashtray scanner device fully assists the card players to win card games of all types played with marked cheating cards and poker cheating cards.

Product Details:

Lens: Artificial Crystal
Color: No Color (Transparent)
Scanning Range: 20-35cm
Scanning Width: 25cm
Battery Backup: 4 Hours continuously

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