8mm UV Invisible Marked Cards Contact Lenses

Company Details

  • Brands Name:- Sunrise Techvision Home Products
  • Model Number:- XF02003
  • Product Code:- MCL-002
  • Contact:- +91-9540045644
  • Email Id:- sunrisetechpvt@gmail.com
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8MM UV contact lenses are the latest addition to the collection of invisible UV marked cards contact lenses available at HR Tash Company. These cards are best to use for users with green and blue color eyes. Color of the eyes of the user look very normal after wearing these contact lenses. Invisible ink markings on the cards are very clearly seen with these lenses. Card players use these marked cards contact lenses to identify the markings on all types of marked cards and win any game of cards very easily.

Product Information:

Color of Lenses: Purple
Size: 8mm
Material Quality: HEMA, Polymacon
Applications of Use: Marked Cards, poker Games, gambling, Magic show

Tips for how to use 8MM marked cards contact lenses:

1. Make best use of these lenses under white light and energy saving light.
2. Wear these cards only after properly washing your hands.
3. Put on these lenses just a few hours earlier of playing for better performance.

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